An example (open and closed) of a typical gun ...

An example (open and closed) of a typical gun safe.with electronic combination lock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have electric locks on anything such as your impenetrable firearm safe or anything of that nature consider this.

 People are concerned about EMP (electronic magnetic pulse) weapons being detonated above our country. Are they real? You bet they are and in the event of a nuclear strike they may be the first devices launched. Working theory is  that two or three big ones  detonated above far above Nebraska (central U.S. location) would shut down the entire electric grid and many other things electronic for many years (and they will) and EMP will also smoke nearly all modern circuitry that is not seriously EMP proofed. Basically devices of this type could take our modern society instantly back to the mid-1700s or earlier. 

Additional information suggest that if the effects are complete enough these devices through their destruction of all things electronic will result in something between 75-90 percent of our population dying of various causes within a year or so. Suddenly that non electronic 1954 Buick and other past-era vehicles and even your bicycle will become very high-tech–until they are taken from you by gangs, the military or law enforcement.

And don’ think your backup generator will fire up, and if it were to do so where are you going to get the pump gas when it runs dry-and how will you transport it if you could get it pumped by those electronic gas pumps? This disaster list can just go on and on, so let’s back to the original premise of this for gun owners

Getting back to the theme of our little story.  If you have electronic locks on anything, they will be frozen and locked up tight as a wedge.  Now consider what kind of lock you may have on your firearm safe, if you have one–hummmmm? If you have a Liberty, Winchester, Remington, Browning, Cannon, Colt, AMSEC, S&W, or whatever that has an electronic lock and an EMP event were to occur–what then?  You are locked out, period!  Small stuff for one or two hand guns like Gun Vault you can defeat to open fairly easily, but the big stuff is another story.

We know of several folks in our area who have electronic safes and when informed of this potential SNAFU and after their eyes quit bugging out immediately contacted the company whose name is on the safe or that made or services their safe and got them refitting it with mechanical combination locks ASAP. 

This conversion is a fairly easy conversion for most all brands since basically the doors are built the same and it is just the lock choice they install for the particular customer.

This is something for firearm safe owners (and your bank) to consider as the safes are made to keep bad guys out–and now may keep you out too. Oh yeah, the same result could come from a bigger EMP effect eruption from the sun.

So what do you think about this little bit of paranoia from us?

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  1. RJ
    August 6, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    Highly unlikely! Zombie apocalypse is more likely, so we can use those guns!

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