Who Is Qualified To Be President

We can look at a few who were unqualified to be President of the United States in these MODERN times.  Prior to the 1900s things were not as complicated as they are in today’s world. We could look at Woodrow Wilson. We elected this college professor as president. This liberal democrat party leader was a genuine, yes genuine, racist. It was he who took an integrated military and segregated it again–did ya know that? There were others like Jimmy Carter who was a simply dumb naive democrat governor of at the time of a near bankrupt low income southern state elected to an office far beyond his capability because he said he “he would not lie to us” (his first lie). But wait… But let’s skip the following ads and jump to the present for this short blog.

Yes, we are picking on the democrats such as Roosevelt who of course did not want us into WWII–oh sure. And of course the most honest guy you could want in office, Lyndon Johnson who in real life made President Richard Nixon look like Mother Teresa. And who can forget the abusive and womanizing corrupt two timing deal making with foreign government on his own behalf coke powered Bill Clinton. But ya know what? The damn guy was likeable, he really was and is.

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009). Destroyed America between 2009 and for many years to come. photo  credit Wikipedia

Barry Soetoro better known as Barack Hussein Obama II election is beyond belief and all logic–but he pulled it off–twice–he is no dummy! This was absolutely stunning. We elected a guy who is a cryptic Muslim who disliked America in a backhanded way into office and who was and still is an incredible pot head. But even more stupidly Barry, had no, none, nada, zero business experience of any kind. He was a nothing. He was a community organizer–that means he was an instigator/agitator raising hell, nothing more.

From his time as a poor academic in college, born to a partial Islamic family schooled in Islamic schools at an early age, attended church run by an anti-American preacher Barry surrounded himself with anti-American and quasi-terrorist friends; and this guy became president. It is mind boggling and truly stunning–but we, the collective elected him.

The bottom line with Barry is the following, and think about this regardless of your political bent, because this is important as your life and future rode and still ride on this guy thanks to what he did while in office. Barack Hussein Obama did not have the experience or back ground to be even considered for hiring on as a shift supervisor at a Taco Bell outlet!  He, due to his lack of any work experience or training would not have gotten that job. So we got enamored with him because of his color, nifty looks and his ability to read from a teleprompter and elected him to run the largest economy and most powerful country on earth! What the hell is wrong with us? Now we are reaping all kinds of crap he made possible to include a potential nuclear war with North Korea.

Much of what he did while in office was due to his dislike for our country and our military, and some of our allies (like Britain–who back in the day imprisoned his grandfather for crimes he committed against the UK) etc. That is the reason he in a child like action sent the White House bust of Churchill back to England a major and key trade and military ally of ours (Trump got it returned).

And Barry is a  very real racist. If you think that only white people can be racists you just don’t get it; of course black, brown, and yellow, skinned people can be racists against other skin colors; have you noticed no white people in the overtly racist Black Caucus of the United States Congress? And Barry showed that first hand many times with his actions and politics by supporting anti-cop protests and much more by operating through his black attorney general.

Now correcting all those disasters gets dumped on President Donald Trump. Trump is smart as hell, knows business, knows people, understands deals but just cannot keep his stupid mouth shut at times when it matters and he is not the best team player. However, he knows how to find and hire smart people and that really matters. Then again of course he then pisses them off fast too; most of them in his cabinet don’t need the job and if he is not careful he will be a president with no staff and isolated at the top of the feeding chain without capability to do what is best for our country. The good news is that unlike Barry and the Clinton’s, Trump does not need to put America second to getting money in his pockets–he is already rich!

He gets the incredible and very dangerous dump job left by Obama and his army of mindless Nazi like lefties mostly now seen fighting in the streets while a North Korean fruit cake launches ICBMs and plays with nuclear weapons and all the while promises he will use them on America ASAP. Folks, if you don’t think we are in trouble, better think again.

Trump will do as good of a job as possible (if we he can keep his damn ego out of Twitter). At every step he is attacked by the socialist left wing media. Ya know, if Trump could walk on water the anti-American left wing media would say–Look, he can’t even swim!

Here is a unique thought, Trump, like or hate him is the captain of this big ship we call America–of which most of us are simply passengers. So we here at the blog suggest the best road–support him (less some of the stupid things he puts on Twitter) while we have a country left–things are getting slim because if he fails we all fail and the damn ship will sink!

Of course that is exactly what ultra-liberal, socialists and communists hope for after their decades of efforts supported by their wrong thinking media and presidents like Barry. Thanks to the efforts of Soros, Clinton, Barry and others like North Korea, China and Russia we may get a torpedo in the ship’s hull regardless and we will all then–become survivors.



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