War With North Korea

Are we are close to war with North Korea?  We suspect yes but this is a real complicated mess in the making.  The threat and what can be done? Read on past the pesky inserted advertisements…

The “country” of North Korea is a family owned business–not a country with real leaders like we normally think of. Violate anything in any way whatsoever related to the Kim family and you get sent away (or tortured or killed)  along with your family members and anyone else they want to go with you. The country is dotted with gulags, prisons (not like our prisons) and reeducation facilities. You can Google this up and then use Google Earth to see many of them.

Their coal mines are located next to several prisons for slave labor to supply coal to China. Many people sentenced to life for most anything are generational. In other words their parents or even grand parents were originally sentenced to the particular prison and the resulting children are sentenced automatically–and will grow up and remain in that facility forever–as slave labor.  Real deal abuse and torture, etc. oh heck, of course–incredible stuff even the most warped of us cannot contemplate.

This is a totally controlled society and any variance or even suspected variance from the official party line is not debated–you are simply guilty and put into their punishment “program”– end of the problem, the debate and you and possibly your friends and certainly your family.

President Trump made a huge error in his macho off the cuff response to a  Washington Post article with his verbal warning to North Korea of Tuesday. He is not dealing with a rational government leader in NK, He is dealing with a wily crafty sociopath paranoid killer in a closed off foreign culture and those are the kinds of guys you do not threaten–if you do it just reinforces their irrational fear and puts them on edge of some type of insane action. But Trump did and we are now stuck with his words how the North Koreans take it.

Anyway all of that is really not related to the subject of the NK threat to the U.S. and its allies. So, by the numbers, let’s proceed. Odds are great they do have a nuke about half the size of the WWII nukes we used against Japan for a missile warhead.  Odds are great they would first fire and detonate it in the Sea of Japan to show the world they have arrived.

Is the U.S. really concerned about a nuke falling on New York or Washington? The rest of the country could ask, would we miss either of those two cities?  Okay, we digress. Sure there is concern but we here at Man Talk Blog do not think that is the most pressing public concern BUT we suspect what is the government’s biggest concern.This image was selected as a picture of the we...

If a nuke were dropped on Washington would we really miss it? But detonate a couple in the high atmosphere over the U.S. and the infrastructure (including all those damn cell phones) goes poof! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What we view is the pressing threat is the use of EMP weapons. Take a couple or three or so specialized nukes, load them on rockets and detonate a hundred miles or so above the United States (which their 2,300 mile straight up missile flights have demonstrated) and the power grid is gone along with tens of thousands of differing types of electronics that we totally rely on in our modern connected society.

Everything that is powered by electricity and has electronic chips, parts and pieces in them may be toast. You will get one flush with your toilet because the facility that supplies water to your house is now out of business with its pump’s electronics gone. No heat, no nothing.

Planes will drop out of the sky (electronics and computer systems will instantly fail) and folks needing any form of electronic process to keep them alive–will die. In a few days, suddenly a good bicycle will be modern transportation–until someone kills you for it. Basically our civilization will be reduced to even below what the average North Korean experiences (not the phony puppets in the major show cities).

NK Pflug

This is high-speed planting North Korean style NK Pflug (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Essentially and over night survival and living conditions in our country will revert back to the conditions that existed in the 1700s.  Estimates are that nearly 90 percent of our population will be dead within a year (starvation, thirst, disease, environmental conditions, a few gun fights, etc.)–that all alone presents a serious burial and health problem.

This scenario and result is probably very accurate–the folks in the 1700s grew up in and knew how to live in those conditions of water, food, shelter (and most did not live past 55 anyway) because it was a gradual generational type of thing. Make that happen in the blink of an eye in our modern world is a whole different thing. Back then we were still an agrarian civilization–we grew our own food and hunted in the hills and had a population of maybe 15 million.

Are you ready to try to run your home and conditions like they did back then? It was second hand to them-how about you? Think of how things will work in the major cities–talk about a citizen to citizen killing field.

How about the “simple chore” of safely taking care of bodily waste every day? After a bit of time where are you getting your food and clean water? And of course there will be armed groups of baddies (lots of them) to rob or kill you–life gets cheap real quick in real survival–niceness and neighborly manners will disappear in a week or even less–remember how folks behaved in two days after Katrina and they knew there was hope. But after a successful EMP attack–hope in a modern society gets real thin real quick when it comes to personal and family life and death survival!

Call a cop for help, oh sure–they won’t be in the game anymore–they have themselves and their families to protect and survive in this sudden instant change–and they have guns too! Your local national guard “might” be around but don’t bet on it. The regular military in the areas where they are based will still be working but many will bug out for home if it is close enough. It will be a mess until an hundred million or two are killed off the general population.

This Image was captured by the United States a...

Hideki Tojo Image was captured by the United States and published by the US Army. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Japanese, we think have the greatest fear of North Korea. During WWII their troops and government mainly run by a douche bag named Hideki Tojo were incredibly cruel. They literally raped, pillaged tortured and slaughtered Chinese and Koreans by the hundreds of thousands. The oriental mind thinks differently from western minds. They remember stuff forever–and they are very patient too. You can bet the Chinese could care less if NK evaporates Japan–they would probably celebrate.

So let’s say the fruit bars in NK do this stuff–or we know in advance they are ready to do this (and we will) -what are our government’s options? Thanks to the work and help of Clinton and Obama we really are in danger and the dump job is now Trump’s and you and your family’s to now contend with.

Well, we could hit the North Koreans hard, but to successfully pull that off we must nearly instantly eviscerate their military capabilities from the DMZ north for about 50 miles to eliminate the threat from their weapons impacting into South Korea. And a lot of their stuff is well hidden below ground. Then we kill off the next layer of their threat capabilities as best we can hoping the Chinese will cool it and not get involved. Then again there are those millions of bat shit crazy loyal NK troops to contend with.

Or we could somehow get into NK and engineer the total elimination of their leader, his family and immediate leadership but then what about the top few hundred military commanders totally loyal to him.

Or we could get the Chinese to pretty much do the same thing for us and the rest of the world–they have a hell of a lot to lose if this thing goes side wise. However, the Chinese dislike us round eyes almost as much as the NK nut cases do and we may still get into a gun fight with China over the South China Sea situation. We here at the blog hope there are some real great back door high-level operations and planning between our government and China to get this NK thing stopped or under control. The recent 100 percent agreement for sanctions against NK with the UN Security Council is a huge boost to slowing (hopefully) this mess–then again it may just give NK some additional time to perfect their intercontinental stuff and with their paranoid outlook they may think this is the time to act since the world is against poor little ole them.

No matter what, we absolutely cannot allow NK to perfect a first strike capability. Look folks, their leader has stated many times he and NK is going to attack the United States with nuclear weapons–ya gotta believe him! Not to believe him is to be insane!

Let’s put this into practical everyday terms. Let’s say there are no cops available for a couple of hours in your area. Suddenly your fruit bar bat shit crazy neighbor who has threatened to kill you and your family for years now has the means to do so and he is now in your yard coming your way. He got a gun and has a couple of bottles filled with gas and rag fuses hanging out of them and a box of matches in his pocket. What are you to think? Want to go out and negotiate with him–that’s a little late because you tried dozens of times before–before he brought a gun and gas! You have little choice but to go into a deadly encounter which one of you is going to win com hell or high water.

Well, we are 90% there with the NK nut jobs. They may well have the weapons, they have the means as best we can tell, AND they have been threatening to do so and their leadership it appears is bat shit crazy! Our government just cannot allow this guy in our front yard with a gun and molitof cocktails–we must believe his threats, take him seriously and we simply cannot allow him to get the final capability!

How he hell did we get in this mess to this degree?  Check the history on your own. This nuclear mess was directly brought about directly by Bill Clinton and his Democrat administration when he was in power through the stuff they “thought” they “negotiated” with North Korea. Check it out on your own–we ain’t your baby sitter…

Bottom line–something must and will be done, so hang on for the ride. We are running out of options other than massive force. So for those of you wanting a way to prepare if you are out in the open. The old 1950s drop and cover is old school stuff.  The more modern way is to get on your knees (stay low) wrap your hands around your legs (firmer protection) tuck your head between your knees–and kiss your ass goodby…





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