Testosterone, Do You really Need It?

Currently there is a big move for men to buy testosterone to boost sex, health, energy, muscle loss, etc. But should you do it guys?  First of all it will not turn you into super man!  Second you should only even consider it by sitting down with your doctor and discussing it. Odds are if he or she is any good they will probably recommend against it. Generally, if you can get an erection, you don’t need it and even if you can’t there may be better alternatives.

And as with any drug additive there are drawbacks and this is especially true with guys over 45 years old which seems to be the target market based on all the TV ads we have seen.

We will keep this brief, the major medical manly thing we here at Man Talk Blog are concerned with is prostate cancer. Guess what is the primary fuel food for prostate cancer? Testosterone! Well aren’t you smart, you figured it out. And look buddy, prostate cancer is no game, it kills far more men than breast cancer kills women, far more! Check out our post on that subject.

So why add “food” for that cancer to feed on unless you seriously really need it; and we mean seriously. In fact one of the drug procedures used to help treat prostate cancer is the use of female hormones–the exact opposite of testosterone!  Consider that for a minute when you think testosterone will make you more meanly for the short term. The cost could be huge!

And if you like the idea of prostate cancer spreading to your lymph nodes and into your bones throughout your body for a damn near totally fatal really crappy way to die scenario, then shoot up or lube up your armpits with testosterone that you may not need but just want it to help feed your ego–and quite possibly your prostate cancer. Most men have some form of prostate cancer to some degree after age 60, but it can easily begin in the 40s. Author Vince Flynn died of it after a three-year battle when discovered prostate cancer before his age of only 42 years! We are not implying in any way he took or used testosterone, just note his age if you think you are safe.

A 10 ml vial of Depo-Testosterone (), an .

A 10 ml vial of Depo-Testosterone (), an . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Give the prostate cancer entry in this blog a read before you get really stupid because a little bogus fun is a high price to pay for an untimely death or huge and serious medical costs–especially now under the new health “care” law!

And of course talk to your doctor after you have had your digital rectal exam and PSA taken–a process you should start in your 40s.

Bottom line, if you really do not need real medical intervention testosterone then stay away from over the counter solutions and follow your doctor’s recommendations, there is a very high price to be paid otherwise for machismo behavior, and insist on a PSA test every six months during this treatment and for a year or two after and

watch and keep track of your own numbers. See prostate blog in this site for more   information.

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