Some Fun “Guy” songs

Let’s have some fun-why the hell not?  Links phooey, you want to see and hear these get off your lazy butt and Google them-and while you are listing check the side menu for other neat stuff, and yes, we know there are others but this is a pretty cool start.

The idea of this is to break a habit you might have when on the Internet and go check something out of your normal or comfort zone. And, if you are under the age of 40 odds are great most of these are new to you. Best listened to an hour or so before you go to bed. Let’s begin:

  • Phil Harris–The Thing
  • Ray Stevens–Ahab the Arab
  •  Route 66 theme
  •  Suits theme
  •  They’re Coming To take Me Away Hahaaa!
  •  Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
  •  Ballad Of Paladin
  •  Sergent MacKenzie (We Were Soldiers theme–the best one has the lyrics to read. Written in tribute to a Scot soldier killed in WWII).
  • Sink The Bismark
  • High Noon theme song
  • 409 (Beach boys)
  • Cool Waters (By Sons of the Pioneers–Roy Rogers was in the group back then).
  • 16 Tons (by Tennessee Ford)
  • Bugle Boy of company B (Andrews Sisters during WWII) Left to right: Maxene, Patty, LaVerne

Andrews sisters..Left to right: Maxene, Patty, LaVerne

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Sink the Bismark
  • Peter Gun theme
  • Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley & His comets video version is best). Just try not to tap your toes to this sucker!
  • Addicted to Love (watch the video version). Just a “bunch” better than some ugly jive ass rapper blithering about killing cops, hoes, and drugs.

Of course there are only a couple million of others but this is a good start. Have a beer, and go through this bunch and see how well you will sleep tonight. Man up some and get out of your comfort zone.

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