Manage Your own Life–Or Else!

This will be a short post but we here at Man Talk think is VERY important. We all put far too much confidence in our doctors and lawyers so here is some advice for you. They are people, they can screw up and get you in jail or dead.

An auto mechanic works on a rally car at the 2...

A medical doctor is nothing more than a mechanic for your body (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think of a doctor as no more special  than a mechanic for your car–because that is what they are but instead of a car they work on people. They are not magic or someone to be worshiped (which many like). Every year tens of thousands of people die that might have been saved had they been better patients and advocated for themselves with their doctors.

Half of the time doctors are not familiar with your chart (medical file) unless you remind them. All that crap you fill out when you  visit with them–odds are they have not read it either (certainly not in detail).

We recommend you read our post regarding prostate cancer June 6, 2016 and as you will read, the only guy really advocating was the patient himself, and it paid off as his cancer was caught thanks to him, not his doctor who wanted to delay things. A few months later and lots of problems, a year or so later a miserable death would have resulted!

Think of a lawyer as a technical advisor–a real busy technical advisor who likes your money. They have many clients with all kinds of problems and they are juggling them all time wise and intellectually and if you think your case is at the top of their agenda–you are so wrong. Every year MANY tens of thousands of innocent people get convicted or lose legal cases because they (the client) were NOT good advocates for their case with their lawyer. You know if you are guilty or innocent or in the right or wrong–it is up to you to help set the tactics (to a point). It is up to you to advise your lawyer of what you want or are after–so man up and do it.

English: Mr.B As A Lawyer

Lawyers are jammed up busy with all kinds of cases and sometimes technical stuff (which many dump on secretaries). They are busy making money-you must be busy being your own best advocate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is our advice: Be your own best advocate. You are the ultimate boss when it comes to your life aren’t you?

The relationship you may have (like it or not) with lawyers and doctors in the real world is you should and treat them no differently as you might a car mechanic. You can hire and fire them. You have influence and in some (most) cases can tell them what you want.

Look at them as advisors to you. After you voice your opinion, concerns or questions they can tell you why or why not something should be or not be done or if you do not like the answer or suspect there is a better angle, then research it and go back to them and ask more questions–and then you can tell them what you want. if you do not like their reasoned answer–change!

You are the boss of your case whether medical or legal and our advice is for you to learn the hell out of what you are involved in or suspect you are involved in (medically) and then get busy and advocate strongly with your doctor or lawyer. It is your life and your case–you ultimately run it.

REMEMBER they are busy as hell with other many other cases whether medical or legal–do NOT assume even for a second they are 100% or even 5% on your case–they are NOT once you hang up or leave their presence!  You are da boss of your life!

You must be your own BEST advocate.  Learn what you can and ask questions. If you do not like the answers or suspect things are not right, do more research and remember you can ask for the changes or things to be done and if they do not want to do your bidding (if it makes legal or medical sense) get another lawyer or doctor just as you might a car mechanic. And depending on your situation in both cases it does not hurt to get a second third or even a forth opinion anyway–seriously!

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