Killing Off Cigars, Pipes, Fun and Freedom

Oh great, just in case you have not heard the FDA during the Obama administration dreamed up some new ways to kill off personal freedom in the name of “health and for the children.” Passed through the FDA a regulation that will require testing of new premium cigars. The regulation requires that cigar makers submit cigars in for testing to the FDA. Weasel CYAing by our blog team followsdo your own checking and verify the facts–things change. Onward now but wait, there’s more after the rude ad probably inserted below.

English: Cigar Wrapper Color Chart

Say goodby to some premiums before long under new federal regulations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cigars made prior to 2007 are allegedly grandfathered in and will not have to be tested. Testing will require up to 5,000 hours of tests.  Think how many cigars that would require–the average 40-hour work week year has 2,080 hours in it! The rule also requires that each size and every ring gauge of a particular cigar and brand must be tested. So if a company makes a 5-inch cigar and a 6-inch version of exactly the same cigar, both must be tested. Cost are estimated at the low side of $20,000.00 per cigar and size. Keep reading pipe smokers–you are up too!

What does this mean in real life?  it simply means that if you like premium cigars and have an interest in the new ones coming out on the market you better get your butt out there and buy them while you can because there is no way the companies making them can afford to meet these regulations due to time and especially cost. Older iterations and varieties of premium cigars made before 2007 will not have to meet these requirements.

Cigar shopping at La Casa del Habano Köln

Cigar buying and pipe smoking is on the chopping block (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This also means the absolute death of many cigar companies in our country and importers who are making rather limited quantities of premium cigars (compared to the few giants making both premium and standard sticks). The new and little guys will just not be able to afford the testing cost and time necessary to get their cigar approved. And this FDA rule is absolutely intended to do that!

Even if you are a major cigar maker player in the market and wish to come out with a new premium–the time and cost will be so painful you may not go for it (the Democrat Party and FDA hope).

Based on sort of hearsay the FDA will allow companies to make the new cigar for 3-years while they test them–then again that too can be changed even if it is correct. These are FDA regulations, not law but they have the power of law. Hopefully the Trump Administration will reverse this and so much other Democrat Party liberal, socialist and worse insanity.

It’s for the children might be the sniveling Mary outlook (no offense to all the real Marys in the world–it’s an old term meaning sort of the same as pussy–we digress). But darn few kids and even well off teenagers smoke cigars including premiums and show us some 13 year old with a box of Opus Xs ratted away for that after school buzz with buddies.

Cigars are not inhaled (save for a few idiots–who probably text while they are driving too). And cigars, especially premiums cost too much for the average kid to light up and cigars are not habit forming. So the let’s protect the kiddies, like so much else is just liberal political crap!

Cigar and ashes.

This is all that will be left of the cigar companies and more freedoms if FDA insanity is not turned around. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh yeah, you pipe smokers are screwed too. Going in to your local tobacco store and getting their custom bulk mix of the local fuel for your briar will require the shop must meet all the FDA regulations required of cigars. That means that that shop’s blending of a pouch of tobacco for you makes them an manufacturer and they must meet the big company FDA regulations–kiss those home town blended days goodby and pretty damn soon.

Same for any tobacco in tins they sell. Hey, it gets even better! The pipe itself-yup–these FDA asshole regulations apply to the actual pipe and its components. So a plastic pipe stem or wood bowl must be tested and FDA approved. Hey, are we having fun yet? If you want that handmade beauty you have always dreamed of–better get it now!


Hummm, will these be illegal too? Not in some states…(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Bit of irony is that the states that allow recreational marijuana use (in violation of Federal Law— will enforce these new FDA regulations. But MJ drug tax money is different– state tax income money supersedes Federal Law as far as these states and their legislators are concerned–ya think kick backs?

Okay, while we are here since the Feds wont take action on this major “MJ drug” violation then why should gun owners care to register guns and why should we be required to pay federal taxes?–Just a question or two…but again, we digress.

Anyway, what is the hope for countering this kind of insanity? President Trump and his team are busy killing off stupid regulations by the pound each day. You don’t and won’t hear of it because of the left wing media will not tell you but the regulation killing by trump’s team is in full action. Let’s hope they find these and so many thousands of other stupid and dangerous freedom and pursuit of happiness regulations and kill them off forever.

In the meantime and just in case, get the new premiums (especially from the smaller makers) while you can because they will not be around much longer. Currently your local tobacconist and cigar store may have some real buys as the various smaller companies try to sell of their premiums at bargain prices before they get stuck with them and go out of business. and you pipe smokers–well you have been warned.

It is a real shame and like so much more nowadays, a freedom killer!


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