Is Glenn Beck Insane? We Think SO!

Conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck has about 5 million listeners (new and repeat) weekly putting him in the top 3 or 4 most listened to radio talk shows. Generally his political rants fit with this blog, here is why.  We are a man’s blog and men like some or all of the following: Firearms, adult beverages, cigars, fast cars, cool watches, fast boats, great women and so much more that liberals and socialists are working to regulate out of existence or just outlaw. Read more below past the pesky ad…

Politically, and we are not jumping for joy with this, we feel that Trump is the better of the two “real candidates” running for president primarily since his comments and platform supports our Constitution better. Regardless of your political party support, isn’t it sad that these two people are our choices for office? Think America isn’t toast–just look at these two! Ugh!!

Over the last year (at least) Beck has been incredibly busy in nearly every daily radio show blasting Donald Trump. Beck is a conservative and you would think he would be blasting Hillary Clinton–which from very rare time to time he actually does.

English: Television and radio host at CPAC in .

Trump hater Glenn Beck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But Beck has devoted entire 3 hour shows to attack Trump. He has used hundreds of hours of radio time to blast Trump in every way he can and that continues even though Trump is now a full on presidential candidate with his only real competition being Clinton–the latter a much greater threat to the Constitution and the Second Amendment both which Beck claims to soundly support.

We think Beck’s hate of Trump is pathological.

Beck claims that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a good friend and Beck strongly supported Cruz during his primary run against Trump. However, when Cruz recently honored his pledge to support the Republican Party’s presidential candidate Trump–Beck turned on him viciously! The key is Beck and his magnum mouth radio lackeys have offered NO alternative, they just bitch, whine and snivel like a bunch of little elementary school girls–and that shows the revenge angle we think exists–read on.

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership...

Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what can make a guy like Beck attack friends and direct his never ending commentary on Trump for over a year?

We think that Trump did something to Beck while Beck was living and operating out New York City doing his FOX Television show. We think that probably Trump somehow helped cause the removal of Beck from FOX television.

Roger Ailes was the then operational honcho of FOX at the time. Currently Ailes (now no longer with FOX) is one of Trump’s key advisors during Trump’s run for office. Hummm, Trump and Ailes were buddies while Beck was employed at FOX and now Beck cannot keep his hate for Trump under control.

Could it be that for whatever reason, Trump spoke to Ailes a couple years ago that FOX should dump Beck? We sure think so. Any such termination terms would of course be confidential and the terms legally binding. We certainly believe this is what happened–because Beck’s obvious pathological hate of Trump and Beck’s daily rants is compulsive and obsessive and especially when Trump’s statements jibe with Beck’s political bent as an alleged strong supporter of the Second Amendment–well until Beck does not like that any more.Trump is probably the safer bet of the two running for the protection of what is left of our Constitution and the Bill Of Rights in general and one would think a conservative like Beck would agree-but he does not! Beck’s latest alibi cover is that he is NOW more of a Libertarian.

Yes, yes, we know Beck has spoken at the NRA conventions–but the little secret there is Beck got paid big bucks by the NRA to attend and speak. For some time Beck’s radio show advertised for a Colorado real estate agent. We think that Beck got to thinking about why he should advertise for that guy and his award winning performance; why not stop that and start start his own online national real estate agent search operation–which he has now done. Beck is a true opportunist–nothing wrong with that as long as it is legal but the guy is all over.

However Beck’s constant pathological hate filled rants against Trump who is the best bet to protect Beck’s alleged support of the Second Amendment coupled with Beck’s aggressive venting against his “friend” Senator Ted Cruiz for honoring his support pledge for Trump is just bat shit crazy!

Again, this is NOT a plug for Trump, our country is pretty much D.O.A. now so pick your side and get ready–it will eventually get ugly in a very dangerous world like we now live in.

Well let’s see how ugly.  For example much overpaid FOX News pretty face Megyn Kelly acted like a sex addicted viper in her recent interview with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. She did all she could muster in revenge for Trump nailing her for her out of bounds first question in the first debate.  Kelly tried to take on Gingrich who really worked to be a gentleman in the interview in which Kelly did everything she could to try to derail Trump. Her venomous sex crazed attack against Trump and effort to out debate Gingrich on her show presented her as she really is–not an allegedly professional journalist but just vengeful female who cannot take it and be reasonable–just like Beck.

Our bottom line on the two weasels Beck and Kelly is simple, we think both of these little girls are acting out of personal revenge against Trump and the country they say they love and support can go to hell.  We are not happy at all with Trump–we think he is an idiot BUT we KNOW the country and our freedoms are safer with Trump than the Hildabeast. And, with a female president the odds are great that an overly macho male leader of a hostile government will test her and we will be in a real war of some type–just like the guys who tested Golda Meir of Israel and the macho Argie. leaders who took on Maggie Thatcher. Yes they won, but this is a much different threat situation and much bigger odds with much more powerful players. Both these leaders had the U.S. backing and supporting them–who will back us?


1 comment for “Is Glenn Beck Insane? We Think SO!

  1. Travis
    October 25, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    Beck is a verifiable loon….hard to believe he still has an audience. Beck and his nevertrump toadies consistently lie and distort facts about Trump. Listening to his talk show for only 15 minutes will confirm this.

    The absurdity of the nevertrumpers like Back will result a liberal Supreme Court, totally open boarders, amnesty, gun suppression, etc.

    AND only sniveling deplorable liberals censor viewpoints that they don’t agree with.

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