Hurricane Harvey and FUTURE Survival Preparation

This mind boggling hurricane and flood situation in Texas is beyond anything our country has seen–so far. Reason for that statement is the size of the affected area, the large population and the horrific damage to that huge area and those living there. Houston is our fourth largest city.

Our country has seen larger area wide floods but nothing like this where hundreds of thousands of people were affected–think of that number for a second–hundreds of thousands, maybe a million. Flood damage there is mind boggling–think of the homes that are soaked with water that has everything from bacteria to oil and critters in it. So these home owners will have filthy water damage totally soaked in to their walls from dry wall through the wood frame supports, furniture, cabinets, foundation and of course all the contents such as clothing, personal belongings of a lifetime, rugs, furniture and carpets–then there was tornado and high wind damage.

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Learning how to construct shelter from the elements, using materials available in the woodland is NOT what this post is about. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About lingering problems. Once these tens of thousands of houses and businesses are “dry” they and their contents, floors, walls, ceilings, contents are still ruined with mud and mold and so much more. Think of some 200,000 to 300,000 automobiles now filled with water. This stuff is not fixed or usable when dried out. This area will take years to make whole again and in all honesty it never will be whole again for decades if then. Lives ruined, savings destroyed, businesses gone, homes to so many people gone forever, it is truly heart breaking and probably psychologically mind crushing situation to tens of thousands in this mess.

This presents us all with something to think about whether we live and work in a safe geographic area from flood, storms, earthquake, volcano, fire or whatever. Shit happens folks! You are NOT completely safe!

So what can we do to help ourselves if or when this happens?  We will offer some basic ideas in this blog entry. We at Mantalkblog understand that some of this is just flat out not affordable to many folks, so pick and choose what is best for you and your situation.

Have property insurance to cover the particular key threat(s) in your area. People in flood threat areas should of course along with their fire and property insurance have flood insurance.

Have important papers like wills, ownership, car titles, birth certificates, insurance policies, key phone numbers of friends family and whatever and even some photos of family members stored safe from water and possibly fire. Folks having these in bank lock boxes and even home safes are not safe from water such as hit Houston–it gets in and your access may be limited or non-existent–hell even Interstate 10 was washed out near Beaumont. Keep a copy of everything of value in your major protection device such as a safe or lock box but have an alternative back up. Military ammunition cans are tough and water tight–’nuff said.

Have a WEEK’s worth of back up drinking water and back up food for your family should you stay in place during the situation. It need not be fancy, you can buy one gallon jugs of water for a buck and they will keep for over a year easily. Back up food need be no more than grocery store canned food that will make a meal without power and even dishes.

Canned food is pest and water proof. Canned food is already cooked–so you can eat it cold or heated. Simple meal in a can foods like Spam, pork and beans, tuna, sardines, many pasta products, chili and so much more are low in cost, good for energy, good to eat–even cold. Since it is normal food you can rotate it in and with your regular food. Canned food is pretty long lasting–if you keep your supply below 90 degrees (and not frozen) it will keep well beyond the best by date. We have eaten chili con carnie that was 5 years past the best used date (total of 8 years old). It was safe though lost a tiny bit of flavor.

Ease of preparation. Survival foods such as dehydrated and freeze dried present problems. First it is pretty pricey. Second and maybe worse, it must be combined with clean water. It is susceptible to pests and presents a problem to prepare some times. Canned food is simple, wipe the top clean, open and eat right from the can if necessary. You can heat it some in sunlight, over a candle (with the can open) or fix conventionally in a pan on a stove or BBQ (with the can open). Simple stuff, open and eat!

  1. Have a bug out bag. While we consider bug out bags for long term out in the hills survival such as a warfare attack, etc. somewhat foolish, a bug out bag for your area of the country no matter where is not a bad idea. Let’s say you have no weather or geologic threats. Perhaps a forest fire or environmental problem crops up (chemical spill of some type near you). Getting out quickly may be of importance. Grab your bug out bag(s) and your ammo. box of important papers, photos and cash and get out.
  2. First, have a quick pack list handy. This list will remind you of things to pack quickly that are not kept in your bug out bag such as water, food, medicines, prescription glasses, your papers, medical stuff, firearm, cash, etc. Look at your situation and prepare your quick pack list of stuff that you can pack in under ten minutes. If you have more time, goodie, but plan for ten minutes.
  3. Suggested BASIC bug out bag contents per person in your family: Three pair of sox and underwear. Two shirts and pants. A pair of shoes, hat, tooth brush, brush, comb, shave gear, jacket or coat, rain gear and other items of this nature that can stand longer term storage in your kit and are suited for your climate. Some paper bowls, and one set of eating utensils (can opener). 2-4 garbage bags, flashlight (batteries separate), two rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, one bath towel and wash rag, bar of soap, tablet, pen and paper, long lasting snacks or hard candy.
  4. Generally you may consider a couple of cans of easy packed canned food such as sardines or Spam per person. A good knife, duct tape, and other light tools you may need will not hurt. Mylar blankets, jacket, coat, etc. These are the bare basics. You can figure this out for your location, your packing planning and supply distribution for your situation and family members. Kids (pack a game or two). Pack a pet kit bag and remember, women will require certain different supplies packed in their bug out bag. Keep your bug out supplies in duffel or cargo type bags as they are easier to pack into a vehicle in a hurry.
  5. It is better to always have “too much gas” in your car than too little.

Survival planning for your area and threat is simple to do–so do it.

If you think your debit or credit card or checks will work if things go down-they won’t. Have some cash ratted away for your situation. Keep it in 1s, 5s, and 10 dollar bill configurations maybe in that ammo can we talked about earlier–people may not be able to make change and in situations like Houston’s for example, a pocket full of junk silver or gold is nearly worthless.

Cost of doing most anything of this nature is limited to your ability to afford it, but no matter what, you can’t afford NOT to have something regardless  of how basic.

Rememberprior planning prevents piss poor performance–or in the case of a catastrophic event, basic survival!

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

President donates one million dollars of own money to flood recovery in Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Great News!  President Trump has just donated one million dollars of his own money to the Texas flood recovery effort. Some idiots will say well why not he is rich–so are a hell of a lot of others too and have they donated yet. And while here for the detractors like him or not that is pretty darn neat of him–how many of you have sent anything in?

We would love to receive your sensible easy to do affordable suggestions regarding survival preparation for events of this type.










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