Finally we are back–and pissed

Things since we bugged out for a few months have really changed. This blog was intended as a men’s entertainment and information blog–we will do some of that yet.  But the world and politics and other crazy crap have really altered things for the worse and we can lose our country over that.

Things have been altered in our country and culture so much recently we have decided to get involved. So our position from here forward will be that of a truly conservative view point. That does not mean right wing or whatever the hell that means but let’s face it, men who like manly things (women excluded) are generally conservative–keep reading….

Hammer and sickle with svastika

The left is our media and the right fits Berkeley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But as men talking to men we must man up for our rights (what’s left of them) which include living a free life, trying to earn as much as we can, shooting guns, driving fast cars, having an adult beverage (when doing neither of the previous two items at the same time “of course”), smoking cigars and things like this that the insane–and they really are insane, liberal, left wingers, left wing Democrats who now control that party at the top, socialists and communists in our country actively oppose at every step in the march to socialism and worse.



English: An oriental cockroach (female Blatta ...

Actual image of a ultra left-wing U.S. Democrat Senator on the steps of the U.S. Capitol–pretty sure it is Schumer, but they all look alike…  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beginning shortly we are going on the warpath and hope you come with us–it will not be pretty but neither is the truly Democrat controlled lock step major media, Nazi like anti-free speech actions at schools like Berkley and jive lying politicians in our country. We hope you will stick with us for the ride because we will use facts and they will use lies.

Bottom line of all of this is our country is getting close to the final balance on the edge of a razor blade–we WILL topple soon and the direction we fall is pretty much up to us so saddle up and get ready for the ride…

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