EMP vs. The Internet

Most of you know about the EMP threat to our modern world. If not, please go and research EMP (electronic magnetic pulse). An EMP blast can come from the sun or from specialized nuclear weapons which the U.S. and Russia have and probably China and a couple others maybe have and if not, are working on. It requires an air burst explosion about 100 (or so) miles above earth.

It means shutting down the electric grid and almost anything else having modern electronic components. About the only thing that will not be effected (in a major EMP event) will be cars with vacuum tube and old style electric components (generally made before 1960) that have no transistors, circuit boards, etc.

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Ground burst nukes are bad news but big EMP type air bursts have not been tested–for good reason, they will work! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basically a seriously monstrous all out EMP hit or strike can pretty much take our modern civilizations back to the technology and life style of the 15th century. No water because no water pumping stations (one flush left in the toilet so use it wisely). No electric anything–no grid, no cell phones (goodie). No cars running and those old ones will until the gas runs out (no gas pumps-no electricity). and anything running will become targets of law enforcement, military and criminals–there will be millions of new survivors who must steal to stay live. So for all you anti-gun disarmed types, I thank you ahead of time for your donation to my survival.

Take some time and read about the life of folks in the 1600s, that is your future in the event of an EMP. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of America’s citizens will be dead within the first year due to no water, no food, sickness, freezing and of many other ways of dying to include criminal actions and simply aircraft falling out of the air.

But that is the EMP threat. What might get close to that but is already in place? Shutting down the Internet! I have talked to some computer gurus and I had no idea how nearly 100 percent totally subservient our modern civilization is NOW to the Internet and kiss those Bitcoins away.

I was informed that nearly everything is now controlled or operating through the Internet. This includes the power grid, all controls to power stations, hospitals, communications, banking, water pumping stations, retail operations, shipping and nearly everything else you can imagine including seeing your doctor, medications and emergency services and any communications except ham radio operations–everything else is all run through the Internet. Currently there are 3-5 countries capable of launching some pretty bad to total Internet shut down–including our own. At the flip of a few switches by our own government and our Internet is gone. This and the EMP are probably the truly credible threats from North Korea, some of our major competitors and some terrorist countries–not some single nuke on LA, NYC, etc.

A right front view of an E-4 advanced airborne...

A right front view of an E-4 advanced airborne command post (AABNCP) on the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) simulator for the testing. Location: KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE, NEW MEXICO (NM) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA). Call Sign : USAF-50125 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The only difference between a massive EMP hit and killing the Internet is anything not connected to the internet in the event of a cyber attack will survive. So that neat new 2017-18 car of yours will still run-until you need gasoline, because the power to pump is electricity ultimately via the Internet. But like an EMP attack transportation, communication and much more can or will be crippled, shutdown or possibly destroyed. Figure that the loss of the Internet will take us back to the 19th century. Hey, that’s an improvement of a couple century’s over the effects of an EMP. See, now you can wear your happy face again!

In today’s modern world, we Americans and other technologically “advanced” nations are at the near dependence on modern world devices and technology. Take away our nifty toys and we become similar to North Korea’s rural areas but unlike them we not able to operate at that low level of existence–they can because they are! This is because in the event of a total cyber war or EMP event many places in the world (like North Korea and China’s rural areas for example) will probably barely notice what is gone–they never had it or dependence on it in the first place! But how will you fare in growing some extra food or raising chickens in your back yard; water and about that outdoor toilet…

Bottom line, no mater how silly it seems, a little common sense survival or prepper planning is not a bad idea and not too weird a thing to do in today’s modern and vulnerable modern world, just visualize your life without any modern conveniences (including water and most important-toilet paper). The rule of the 6Ps applies:  Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance…

MOST BASIC and barely prepared key ingredients: Your medications, a week or two worth of drinking water, canned food that is basically a meal in a can (chili, pasta stuff, spam, soup, canned fish, etc.). These types of food can be heated or eaten cold–they (all canned foods) were cooked at the factory are in sealed containers and may be eaten from the container and need no additional water–which you may not have much of! A couple hundred dollars in cash in smaller bills–credit cards will not be functional and checks will not be accepted. Beyond these ultra basic items you need stuff to keep warm, protected, medical, etc. But these first items are absolutely key (don’t forget the can opener and a couple of extra rolls of toilet paper). There are other survival tips in this blog, check the index and read them.

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