Christmas time is PC Time

By R.K. Johnson

With Christmas 2017 just three days away–Merry Christmas to you!  Wow, that is not politically correct nowadays is it? Christmas is basically for Christians–hence the first word in it CHRISTmas. We forgot about the Muslims, Hinduism, Jews, Buddhists, Chinese traditional religion, Primal-Indigenous and the other couple dozen religions and for “heavens” sake let’s not forget Kwanzaa, a jive black racist celebration started by Dr. Maulana Krenga professor of Black Studies at Cal. State Long Beach in 1966 after the Watts Riots in which thousands of black folks rioted and burned…other black folks’ properties in LA.

Happy holidays is a punk excuse to be politically correct in today’s carefully speech controlled world which was really started about 1970 with PC. Politically Correct (controlled) speech is a very functional, practical, effective way to control freedoms. With PC  you control spoken words, print and most every other type of communication. Once you control communication “approved” verbiage can then introduced to begin to control thought processes and you have control over behavior to some extent.

English: Joseph Stalin.

Joseph Stalin, an early advocate of politically controlled (PC) speech. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In modern times his little PC project was started by the communists–in later years modeled after the WWII Nazis who modeled it after the Red Russians in the 1917 Russian revolution and  how well it worked through the Lenin /Stalin era leading into WWII.

So then in the 1960s American Communists, socialists and some key members of the left wing and worse in office noted how well it worked. Through their powerful offices they then disseminated it to their underlings and eventually through their like thinking liberal and Socialist controlled (guys at the top) the “news Media” got it going in the early 1970s.

From that point on it really got going and ever since you will find you almost cannot say anything without someone being offended.

The other day I was out watching a tennis game and my buddy sitting next to me leaned over and said quietly “That guy plays like he is cross eyed.”  Apparently not quiet enough for the PC alert ears–of a woman (a stranger) who was not part of our conversation–but that did not stop her as she blurted into our conversation- “She has a friend who is cross eyed and that is not funny.”

Well, First, we were not talking to her. Second, we did and still do not know her. Third, her friend’s problem is with a person we do not know. Fourth, her sympathy with her friend’s problem is UNKNOWN to us so it is not our problem or our burden. Fifth, it’s her burden because she chose to make it so but we are not making it ours either. So shut the hell up and kindly fuck off!

Don Rickles Speaks!

Don Rickles Speaks! In the 1950s,60,70s and early 80s Rickles a devout Jew and incredibly popular comedian made all kinds of jew, black, white, Italian/mob, Protestant and other humor jokes and jabs in Las Vegas major shows (with Sinatra), on television with the likes of Johnny Carson and in movies, etc. He and his humor was huge and he meant none of it–it was called humor and in Rickle’s way he was attacking biased folks though it by raising awareness. Everyone loved the guy. He was incredibly popular and truly funny as hell. In today’s twisted PC world he would be taken out and hanged!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, this politically correct speech crap is dangerous to freedom.  It makes you guilty for what you say so you will self- censor and not say it–next goal not to think it.

Should we be using racist terms towards folks of that race? No! Should we use anti-religious terms towards folks of that religion? No! But in private conversations or conversations where we are among our own group (whatever that means) most everything else related to PC is just communist conversation and basically mind control crap.

Though PC we are eroding our freedoms. Just mention cigars, adult beverages, firearms, or cage fighting in a mixed group of folks and watch the fun begin. Yet, these are all protected by the Constitution one way or another and one (firearms) is in the Bill Of Rights. But they are being eroded by this evil disease called politically correct speech–an invitation of the Communists and probably by others before them.

It is promulgated by socialists or worse in the news media and of course those socialists and worse on the left in political office.  We are a truly doomed nation if this continues and more words and thoughts become PC incorrect–it is SPEECH AND THOUGHT CONTROL!

So from all of us to all of you who really still give a damn about freedom and what’s left of manly rights…get out there and wish others MERRY CHRISTMAS and for your and our Jewish friends HAPPY HANUKKAH, and let’s forget about this stupid politically correct  happy holidays crap


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  1. Annie
    December 23, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Nice article about political correctness nonsense. However the author himself uses political correctness calling Germans Nazis. It is huge political correctness pushing away Germans’ guilt for II WW cruelty.

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