Are Internet Hacks A Prelude to War?

On October 21, 2016 a batch of Internet hacks against big corporations, etc. were completed.  Months earlier the attacks against Sony not only were information (normal hack attacks) they actually destroyed much of Sony’s computer equipment.  So what the hell is really going on?  Read on below…

Many are blaming the Russians, North Koreans, Chinese and others for these–(the NSA does know) we citizens and the media don’t know for sure. Do these countries have the capability to do this? You betcha, and so do we; Stuxnet and Iran’s nuclear facility for example. However, our government and those of hostile or potential hostile governments can track most of his stuff–so the boys at the top of our intelligence do know who is doing it, so what is up?

Damn near everything is through the Internet. Your savings accounts, the power grid, major defense programs and projects, your water delivery, you name it. If the internet were to be hit super hard our country will pretty much shut down from one end to the other. And when we say shut down we mean it, no power or water, fuel for your car or heating, no credit card and your banked money gone who knows where? And these are just the tiny tip of this vulnerable complicated Internet iceberg.

Here is what we think and something the news media has NOT put out because our government is not going to volunteer this information since it would cause panic with the public. Recently some “civilian” actors have claimed responsibility–that’s nice–they may get the official blame but we feel strongly that these attacks currently are rehearsal probings by very hostile national actors to test their hacking systems and our hack defenses.

The idea would be to hit all areas of our country from retail to the Pentagon when the time is right to strike and that strike will deflate the Internet! And, for what it is worth, if conducted by some nefarious civilian hackers the results could be nearly the same–or could the civilian hackers who claimed the recent credit be actual national actors covered by the civilian hacker story.

A Soviet Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear H" airc...

A Soviet Tupolev Tu-95 “Bear H” aircraft on a defense probing mission seen here escorted by a U.S. Air Force MF-15A-11-MC Eagle intercept aircraft  based at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska (USA). The Bear “prop plane” can fly nearly 600 MPH and can pack 1,000 mile nuke cruse missiles–it can have big punch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For many many years we and our Russian friends have been probing each other with aircraft and naval forces to see who, where, when and how the other side responds and with what speed. But this is different! now it is not necessary to nuke the other side, just shut them down by remote control!

We can labor on and on with this potential string of threats but you probably get it!  So prior to all this happening which might be a precursor to an all out military strike or certainly will occur after any all out military strike what can the individual citizen do when and not if the Internet is crashed?

Since we at mantalkblog are manly men we thought what manly men should do to protect the womenfolk and kiddos. Okay, that’s overly macho but it is going to happen, just when is the question.

With the Internet down, no need to go to work, that too will stop, look at how interwoven the Internet is in your personal and business life–besides with the Internet down driving will be dangerous, no traffic lights or even street lights, trains or commercial planes safely trying to land. With no power grid and no gas available for when you finally run out.

So how to BASICALLY prepare at home? For what it is worth we think you really should prepare and you can do it within your budget, just pick and choose from the following suggestions.

First, it all is depending on your wallet and how paranoid you are (a good thing in this case), so here are a few reasonable suggestions for the basics of survival :

Buy a few cases of water, the stuff will last past a year and is under a buck a gallon-it’s vital and its affordable. So have some for immediate use until things settle down-they probably won’t!

Money: If you have any discretionary home cash, get it converted into 5s, 10s and 20s (easy to spend). How much should you have–if you have any?  Well since you are not getting any interest on it in the bank anyway let’s say you have $100,000 in the bank, etc. We suggest you put $10,000+ of it into a fireproof location in your house and just keep it there. If like us you have much less, try your best to have something for this purpose. If the Internet gets hit-you will never see the balance of your bank savings because we will probably be in a war. Know your financial situation, make your choices now, while you can. Credit cards will not work-no Internet, remember?

American buffalo proof vertical edit

American buffalo $50.00 proof coin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some suggest having gold for this reason. Not a bad idea, but for this purpose buy smaller denominations of U.S. gold–you can’t bite off a chunk of a $50 gold coin (best for investing) to buy a chicken or bribe a military or police roadblock to get to the other side of that border–and those boarders and other controlled situations will exist everywhere in our country. Silver and especially junk silver will have little real value in a mess like this–honest. Gold might.

Food. This is easy, buy low cost canned food that makes a meal in the can. Corned beef hash, chili, and canned Italian pasta meals, canned fish for example.They are simple, have long shelf life’s (especially fish and we have eaten 8 year old canned chili). The “best by date” is an indicator but canned food kept for 2-6 years past the best by date between 40-90 degrees F will last much longer. Besides, it’s food you can use and rotate every year or two because it’s regular –you won’t be happy, but alive.

Corn beef hash including potatoes and carrot.

One can meal of corn beef hash including potatoes and carrots. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Canned food like this is truly secure, contains it’s own moisture (some water), can be eaten cold from the can  because it is cooked in the can by the company. You could even heat it over a candle, and it comes in its own serving container. Generally you can get most of it for between $1.00 and $3.00 a 303 size can depending on what you buy. And believe us when we say, yes, you can exist well on 800 to 1,000 calories a day-it won’t kill you.

Freeze dried food is decent IF you have the extra clean water to re-hydrate it–will you? Not too sure how the stuff tastes cold, but we do know canned food is decent and simple, open and eat. Oh yeah, how protected is a bag of fancy freeze dry food compared to a metal can when it comes to water, fire, insects and critters? And canned food is much cheaper–now might be the time to buy a little extra-in a real long term bind it will become good trading fodder too.

Gasoline and propane: With the Internet down and computers killed, buying fuel will stop. So what you have and can locate, more than likely by theft from parked cars, and the gas station etc., well until you get shot for looting in this environment. Storage of gasoline is problematic so be ready for that to begin with. Propane can run portable heaters and propane fueled barbecue grills and the latter is an excellent survival device IF prudently utilized so a few extra 15-20 pound propane containers is a decent and relatively safe bet.

Medical and drug supplies. Have a reserve is our best advice. If you have a fatal condition if not serviced with drugs–things will be very slim for you and folks on electrical powered life support equipment will be short lived-sorry. 

English: AR-15 rifle with a Stag lower receive...

AR-15 rifles shown with extra lower receiver. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Firearms and ammunition:  Better have some and that is all we are going to say on this subject because if things go badly enough it can turn neighbors, friends and the military and police against you–they are also people with families to feed and protect–if you got it, and they don’t, they want it! just look at how folks behaved after just three days after hurricane Katrina.

And for the anti-Second Amendment types, you will quickly see what and who that part of the Bill of Rights was written for when this mess comes about.

These are just a few basic things that you might consider. 

The real bottom line is we seriously “believe” these Internet attacks are from hostile big government actors and currently they are conducting offensive reconnaissance probings for the l time when they are ready–and that could be sooner than our government wants to admit.

               In fact when would be a good time to strike?

Well simply consider that should an election come about when a “questionable person” is the current president and the election is won by one of two people who are both absolute idiots. When then would you if you were a hostile foreign actor choose to attack or make moves into other countries to include NATO agreement countries? 

We would pick the time after the election but before the swearing in of the new president or just after that event before a cabinet is in place along with newly elected senators and congressmen. Now THAT would be fun huh? Talk about a Constitutional crisis!

Besides in an attack of this type whether against us or other countries our newly elected politicians will be more worthless than normal. So in that event would the incumbent president declare a national emergency and martial law and stay in or let the election winner and that not yet formed command infrastructure operate? Who knows and let’s hope we never have to learn.

This is NOT a prediction, just a hypothetical about when would be the best time to attack and our guess about who might do it and what you might consider doing (regardless) to prepare.

Hey, are we having fun yet?

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