About the Second Amendment and Lies

Okay men, time to man up even more–you Mary’s in the crowd need not read this. Literally a few hours after the Las Vegas murders the screaming liars on the left (Ultra left, socialists, communists and others) began the anti-gun mantra. They did not care a whit about those shot at the venue, this was just another opportunity to kill off constitutional rights for their demented political ends. The garbage ultra-left wingers on the so-called late night shows (if you ever watched Johnny Carson–you know what funny and entertaining really looks like) have turned into simply incredible propaganda machines cranking out hate talk every night.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Second Amendment a little bit–and it will not be too drawn out. Our country’s forefathers battled for many years to get us free from England. Then  years later they got together to create the Constitution of the United States. It was not easy and sure as heck did not happen over night–especially since it could take weeks to travel to any meeting, but they pulled it off.

The Constitution is the operating plan for the then new and present United States; the damned thing works just fine. it defined government’s power and influence at the time and still does. It gave and defined the new governments power over the country and citizenry and  defined how those powers were to be used–well, sort of.

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...

The original Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then one day a few of the founders got to looking at their nifty Constitution work and realized something like–“Holy horse droppings guys, we have established a government with its rules and powers in the new Constitution but we have not defined the absolute RIGHTS and PROTECTIONS for our individual citizens. We just fought a major war over this kind of thing; we gotta do something!”  Not sure if that is how they might have phrased it, but works for us. One of them might have remarked find that fireball Madison and have him get on this.

Well they did get Madison and others on it and actually there were more than ten amendments proposed some were cut, others added, and some modified but the ten we know and love were the winners after all the negotiating, and there was a bunch of negotiating, a bunch!

Let’s get real clear here about WHO those first ten amendments (known as the Bill of Rights) were really  written for and who they are specifically written and intended to protect us from. This will be difficult for many Democrats, nearly all liberals, all left wingers, all socialists and all communists (okay, communists do get it) to understand by here we go.

1) The first ten amendments are called the Bill of Rights because they specifically are absolute rights only for individual citizens (citizenry)–the Constitution does not need rights since it is the government. So these ten rights are NOT for or intended to be for the government but to and for our citizenry (actual people) NOT the government.

2) Hummmm, well there is no further listing necessary, the above is what it is–period!

OFF SUBJECT:  For what it is worth regarding the sport cockroaches and the national anthem, etc. The first Amendment regarding free speech is ONLY designed and written to protect free speech from the government–just like gun rightsnot from fellow citizens or the NFL ownership, etc–only from the government. The so-called “news and sports” propaganda (left wingers and worse) people try to avoid mentioning that. Employees for example (like the NFL players) have no First Amendment rights from their employers or anyone else, only protection from the government.

Back on the subject at hand: The Second Amendment absolutely affirms and guarantees citizens of our country the right to have firearms in their possession and that that right shall not be infringed.” Now most Democrats, liberals, left wingers, socialists, communists and their fellow travelers in most of the media will try to tell you it means the military, the national guard, official state militia, and everyone other than citizens. So, If you have questions, see number 1 above. 

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Need we repeat or remind anyone reading this what the first ten amendments are and the Bill of Rights is about and who it is intended for?  If so dear reader, stop here!  Please leave and don’t come back, if you don’t get what we are saying here you are just too stupid or too anti-American/anti-freedom to be at this blog…………………Anyone left out there?

So, if the Bill of Rights is written ONLY for individual citizens what is that well regulated militia thing in there for? Because when the Bill of Rights was written the militia back then were just citizens (minutemen) who formed civilian citizen militias to help the regular military fight for independence and otherwise should that need arise. That’s it. The organized “well regulated militia” means a bunch of regular citizens with guns who are organized if needed–because we cannot have a bunch of jackass Berkley students running around in a mob with guns.

If the frigging thing meant the government then see number 1 above again! “…the right of the people shall NOT be infringed.” And when dummy’s say it means the national Guard–please inform them the national guard was not law until 1911 and organized in 1916–that sure was past the time of the Bill of Rights–but the media and their lackey supporters will try to tell you different–they lie; okay, what’s new?

If anyone is confused, try looking up the definition of: shall, shall not, and infringed. Very strong words, especially when written and that definition (words) from back at that time must stand as it is and was intended for today-which they were! The Bill of Rights does not designate that AR-15s, for example, are not covered since they did not exist back then nor were other more modern guns which were invented within the next 25-50 years after the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment does NOT say or imply any restrictions on more modern guns or it would have said so. The words are exactly what they are just as they are written and they apply to today just as they did back when written.

This is all pretty simple isn’t it? But if you go with the Democrat Party line, liberals, left wingers, socialists and communists and their supporting media and anti-freedom politicians–you might think differently. These people MUST get rid of the Second Amendment, water it down or affect what it means before their vocal and silent leaders and backers can put their real plans into effect–this is not conspiratorial talk, just real fact.

Hey, The Germans did it when they wrote the Nazi Gun Control Act of 1938. Hummm, that sounds familiar. Oh yeah the U.S. gun control Act of 1968 contains verbiage and the outline of the 1938 Nazi act. Gosh all mighty Rupert, how could that happen and how did that work out for the German people? Well, we know how it worked out for the German people, but about how did the U.S. 1968 law came about?

Well in 1968 the Democrat Party held the U.S. House, the senate and the presidency. So when hard core ultra left wing Democrat Party Connecticut U.S. Senator Thomas J. Dodd came up with this firearm freedom killing bill it was pretty easy to get it passed with the massive Democrat Party majority of the time–here is the rest of the story.

Image result for german swastik picturesGood ole Dodd was seriously against the Second Amendment since he was in college. After WWII he was a special trial counsel in the Nirenberg trials. Guess what? He got a copy of the 1938 Nazi act brought it back with him to the U.S. and years later tweaked it around and got his Democrats to make it law. Yeah, no shift!

Okay, that’s it for this little history lesson. But when asked by interested people, democrats, liberals, left wingers, socialists or communists–see number 1 above again–this is not rocket science.

The bottom line is the Bill of Rights and all of its contents is and was specifically written and intended by our country’s forefathers and founders to protect citizens from the government and sometimes in certain circumstances from each others and to say or imply, infer anything else is simply incorrect or a flat out lie!







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